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What Does Race Discrimination Look Like?

Recognizing Race Discrimination

Despite significant social advances in the last 60 years, racial discrimination in the workplace is still a serious and ongoing problem. Sometimes employers discriminate against employees by treating a group of employees differently than others of a different race, which is called disparate treatment.

Other times, the problem may be that a particular person is being harassed or working in a hostile work environment. Discrimination can involve jokes or derogatory comments, racist photos or images , along with physical assault or abuse. Sometimes a bigoted remark constitutes harassment. It may also be evidence in a broader pattern of discrimination that culminates in an adverse employment action like firing or failure to promote.

Example of a hostile work environment based on race includes:

  • Racial slurs including use of the "N word" or “monkey”.
  • Racially offensive symbols such as a noose, confederate flag or a racist cartoon or drawing.
  • Racist graffiti and propaganda.
  • Threats based on your race.
  • Racial jokes or stereotyping.

These types of comments and actions can be made by supervisors or coworkers and happen even out of in office while at an office party or conference.

Whether the conduct is blatant or subtle, you should discuss your situation with the trusted New York City race discrimination lawyers of Phillips & Associates. We’ve faced off against both large and small employers and secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. You should not need to tolerate racial discrimination in the workplace.

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Phillips & Associates has established itself as the go to law firm in New York for victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. We are Top 10 – Best Labor & Employment Law Firm New York by American Institute of Legal Counsel, Top Rated Employment Law Trial Attorneys by Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Super Lawyers Top Employment Lawyers in New York and New Jersey by Super Lawyers and, Top Employment Lawyer in New York by Lawyers of Distinction.

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Phillips & Associates wins and settles over $1 million dollars Each and Every month for victims of discrimination. Many other employment lawyers have never handled a case over $200,000 let alone $1 million. We have multiple attorneys with experience handling high value cases. Very few plaintiff’s firms can match our depth of knowledge and experience in employment law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal for my employer to pay me Less because of my race?

    Under federal, state, and local laws, your employer is not permitted to pay you less than your coworkers because of your race. An employer is not supposed to make any employment decisions based on the race of an employee.

  • Is it considered discrimination if done by someone from your own race?

    Yes, this is illegal

  • Can my employer ask me about my race?

    There is no law that prevents employers from asking such question. However, this could be interpreted as discrimination.

  • Is it considered discrimination to be treated differently because I have a friend or a family member of a different race?

    Yes. The law prohibits employers from treating employees differently because they are associated with certain people or associated with a certain group.

  • Can my employer limit me to just work with others of my own race?

    No. Employers are not allowed to assign you to certain work tasks or a place based on your race.

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