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Pregnancy Discrimination - New York Lawyers

Having a baby is one of the most exciting and memorable times in your life. With this excitement, however, can come many stresses regarding your job responsibilities and figuring out how to balance your growing family’s needs with your financial constraints. Many employers will start to treat you differently after finding you’re your pregnant. 

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Questions to ask yourself. Where you terminated or demoted:

  • Shortly after you disclosed your pregnancy.
  • When you started to show.
  • When you asked for an accommodation for a difficult pregnancy.
  • Shortly after you returned from maternity leave.
  • When you asked for help breast feeding.

Some pregnancy discrimination can be rather blatant. Pregnancy related
comments include:

  • Wow you’re getting big.
  • Do you know who the father is?
  • Who is going to watch your child while you work?
  • How can you work and take care of a child at the same time?
  • You should get an abortion.
  • Being told you are too young (or too old) to have kids.
  • Telling an employee to freeze their eggs so they can focus on work.

At Phillips & Associates, we believe that discrimination in the workplace is the last thing you should have to deal with during this new and exciting time in your life. If you have been the target of harassment based on your pregnancy, you may bring a claim against your employer to seek compensation.

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Phillips & Associates has established itself as the go to law firm in New York for victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. We are Top 10 – Best Labor & Employment Law Firm New York by American Institute of Legal Counsel, Top Rated Employment Law Trial Attorneys by Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Super Lawyers Top Employment Lawyers in New York and New Jersey by Super Lawyers and, Top Employment Lawyer in New York by Lawyers of Distinction.

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Phillips & Associates wins and settles over $1 million dollars Each and Every month for victims of discrimination. Many other employment lawyers have never handled a case over $200,000 let alone $1 million. We have multiple attorneys with experience handling high value cases. Very few plaintiff’s firms can match our depth of knowledge and experience in employment law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my boss fire me because I am pregnant?

    Federal law prohibits your employer from firing you (or laying you off) because you are pregnant. It is also against the law for your employer to use your pregnancy as a reason to bypass you for a promotion, salary increase, bonus, or other employment-related perks that are offered to your non-pregnant co-workers.

  • My boss is demanding I take leave because I'm pregnant. Is this legal?

    It is not. Employers cannot demand employees to take leave because of pregnancy as long as they can perform the job they were hired to do.

  • Legally, do I need to provide a doctor's note before approval for maternity leave?

    The short answer is no. However, if your employer requires employees to provide other non-pregnancy related documents prior approval for maternity leave then it is considered legal to ask.

  • I was asked in an interview if I plan to get pregnant soon. Is this question legal to ask?

    There is no law that prohibits employers from asking such question, however this could be interpreted as discrimination.

  • Are there discrimination laws for new fathers?

    There are established laws and guidelines that are all inclusive for mothers and fathers alike to be provided with time off to take care of their child.

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